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Reusable Face Cloth

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  • Your face will feel refreshed with FaceOff as it CLEANSES and gently EXFOLIATES leaving the complexion looking radiant and feeling its best! FaceOff eliminates the need for chemical and fragrance filled soaps cleansers and wipes that can dry out and irritate your skin.
  • FaceOff’s secret lies within its unique weave of ULTRA-THIN MICROFIBERS designed to GENTLY lift dirt excess oil and impurities leaving the skin feeling fresh and healthy. The microfiber technology is hygienic effective and suitable for all skin types.
  • FaceOff is ECO FRIENDLIER too. No need to throw out makeup wipes. Once the dirt is off your face and on the cloth wash it off with soapy water then rinse. It all comes right off and your cloth goes back to its soft super white form.
  • FaceOff can be reused daily for THREE to FOUR months.
  • It's a RE-USABLE WONDER CLOTH makeup remover that replaces makeup wipes and makeup remover pads. Perfect for your daily cleansing routine, at the gym or on the go. Suitable for all skin types for men or woman cleansing.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my box ship?

If you've purchased a subscription box, boxes will ship between the 18th and 21st of each month. If you've purchased an item that isn't a subscription box, then you order will ship within 7 to 10 businesses days of when you placed your order. If you've purchased expedited shipping, then we will package your order and ship it out within 48 hours.

How are the boxes different?

- The Essentials is great for someone who wants more than just pads or tampons but doesn't want or need more than some snacks and comfort items.

- The Delectables is perfect for someone who is excited about the snacks and comfort items but doesn't need period essentials.

- The Luxe is ideal for the period person who wants to feel pampered with luxury items, premium snacks, and period essentials.

What's inside the First Period Kit?

All of the items listed above. If you'd like to include additional period care products, feel free to visit the Marketplace and add items to your cart to make this box even more special.

How does the First Period Kit arrive?

We generally ship the first period kits with instructions on how to prepare this for the young menstruator in your life, as well as include a notecard that you can personalize to them.

If you need additional assistance with the kit, do not hesitate to contact us at

I have more questions

That's wonderful! Please visit our FAQs page here.