3 Tips to Connect With Your Cycle

3 Tips to Connect With Your Cycle

1. Journal: 

We're strong believers of using our menstrual cycle to reflect and renew, and what better way to do that than through journaling?

Not only can you pen your thoughts but also track thoughts, emotions, and physical symptoms you're experience.

Here's a prompt to help you get started with your menstrual cycle focused journaling: What makes your heart smile? Schedule something for the upcoming week and make it a new habit to schedule things that bring you joy with people who lift you up.

2. Retreat:

Whether you're retreating from the comfort of your own home or elsewhere, take up the space and time to recharge, restore, and rejuvenate.

Interesting fact, did you know that many cultures and religions have had menstruators retreat to huts during their periods? Not so great is that some of these huts are really just shame huts where menstruators in certain parts of Africa have died. But there are other cultures, such as Native Hawaiians, where the huts were designated for women to retreat together in a sacred space and harness the power of their cycle - together. We love this concept. 

3. Stretch:

Not only can you use stretching to help alleviate menstrual pain but you can also use stretching or yoga to practice breathing exercises to reconnect with your body and spirit.

Have you ever noticed the increase in clarity after stretching and taking deep breaths? That's because you're helping to release lactic acid from the stretch and expel carbon dioxide. Deep breathing and stretching are one of the body's strongest self-healing mechanisms.

What kind of stretches work best during my period? Poses that apply gentle pressure to your abdomen will help relieve discomfort. Try the Bridge or Cat/Cow pose.

Check out more resources such as Racked for menstruation-specific stretches on www.RackedStretch.com.

Continued, soul cycle

Increased evidence supports that journaling has a positive impact on physical well-being because writing down your thoughts or events of the day can clarify your thoughts and feeling and help you understand yourself better. Essentially, journaling can help reduce stress. And depending on what you journal, such as gratitude or tracking your cycle - it's great to look back on to help spark more positive thought or reference something to bring some peace of mind. Going back to the seasons of your cycle, journaling through every season is essential but there's a superpower in journaling during your Fall cycle because it's the time between ovulation and menstruation - hormones are peaked and then drops.

Creating a space or cocoon in your home allows you to retreat, which is helpful during your winter phase. Bring what is comforting and comfortable. Consume only what will nourish your body and spirit. Take this time to restore. Make a ritual out of the moon tea recipe we shared or indulge in the Moon Water Ritual by The Peculiar Brunette.

Stretching our bodies and minds throughout our cycle. Dust out what doesn't serve you through deep breathing techniques and release tensions through gentle stretching.

Look at art or photos that make you smile. I, personally, enjoy looking at menstruation or vulva related art to help me remember the mana or power that our bodies generate and can be shared with the world.

Get a massage. Surround yourself with those you love and help you feel supported. Do not isolate yourself in shame, EVER. Sing. Paint. Create. Cry. Feel. Release. Free bleed or only wear period products that support the wild within you.

Whatever the ritual, let the red river flow.

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