About My Comma

My Comma is an organic period discovery platform and subscription box powered by consumer tech to help menstruators create self-care routines.

We believe that every menstruator should have easy access to knowledge and period products to leverage their menstrual cycle in a positive way while feeling supported. We believe the key to this is democratizing consumer research information to empower menstruators, enabling literacy and accessibility to healthy period products and fit for anyone's lifestyle.

Due to Rachael (CEO & Co-Founder, pictured right) experiencing situational period poverty when she had to MacGyver a toilet paper pad during a 40km cycle loop with primarily men, she's all about accessibility and sustainability. Creating a platform that democratized information about each product enables period people to make informed decisions based upon their lifestyles.

Aljolynn (Chief Belonging Officer & Co-Founder, pictured left) is passionate and has had painful and heavy periods, and desired something personalized to her period lifestyle as a busy, career-driven solo mom. She didn't want to feel isolated and having a box delivered to menstruators each month filled with products customized to their flow, preferences, cravings, and symptoms is a great way to generate self-acceptance, self-love, and self-empowerment.

You can see why driving period equity is our jam! We are excited to help more menstruators create a period routine that suits their lifestyle, increasing self-awareness, body-awareness, and eco-awareness during their cycles.