5 Tips to Enjoy Period Sex

5 Tips to Enjoy Period Sex

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Did you know sex, whether solo or partnered, is one of the very best things you can do for yourself when you’re menstruating? Orgasms can actually help with symptoms of menstruation like cramps or pain, in part because when you orgasm, your brain releases endorphins that help out by flooding your body with good feelings. Also, some menstruators experience increased libido during their period so period sex can also be the perfect fix for your physical cravings.

As beneficial as period sex can be, there are a lot of reasons some menstruators may have hesitations around it. Physical discomfort, stigma, shame, self-consciousness, mess, and logistics, are just a few of the reasons some menstruators sometimes find the idea of period sex a bit daunting. 

But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t give period sex a go if it is something you’re interested in. You deserve to feel hot and have all the sex you want, even during your period. 

So, here are some simple steps you can take to start getting more comfortable with solo or partnered period sex:

1. Explore While in the Shower or Bath

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For those who are concerned about hygiene and the potential for things to get messy, exploring solo or partnered sex in the shower or bath is a great place to start. This location makes any clean-up a snap, meaning that you can kiss any fears of stains or extra laundry goodbye. Taking a shower or bath is likely already part of your routine, making it extra easy to take this time for yourself. If you’re already getting naked, why not make it extra fun? Try experimenting with contrasts in temperature as you feel the cold surface of the shower wall or tub supporting you and the hot water running over your skin. You can even test out some waterproof or suction cup toys that are designed for shower/bath time fun.

2. Work Up to Partnered Sex

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If you’re unsure about adding a partner into the mix, take smaller steps like playing by yourself during your period and work up to partnered period sex. Solo sex can help you get used to the idea of having sex during your period and help you determine what feels best for your body during this time. Having an idea of how you like to have period sex and getting comfortable with it on your own can make it easier to have a conversation with any partners about having sex together while on your period and also to enjoy actually doing it together! 

3. Try New Positions

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Let’s face it, we don’t always feel our best mid-period and it can be hard to feel sexy. Sometimes certain insecurities bubble to the surface as our body changes for menstruation. If you want to have sex during your period but aren’t feeling as confident as you’d like, try some new positions for solo or partnered sex and see if you can find a position that not only feels physically comfortable but makes you feel powerful and attractive! Modifying doggy to suit your taste can be a great option. Play with using pillows and blankets to create comfy supports for yourself and toy with what physical features you want to show or hide away for a sexy tease.

4. Grab a Cozy Towel

For added comfort and easy clean-up all in one, find a soft and cozy towel you don’t mind getting a little messy and lay it out on your bed (or wherever you’re planning to have sex. It will add a new sensation to the experience, offer you some peace of mind when it comes to potential stains, and makes clean up easy as can be. All you have to do is throw it in the wash when you’re done and you’ll be ready for next time! This cozy throw from Wild Flower Sex is great for an extra luxurious option. 

5. Keep Wipes Close By

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Keep a stash of wipes (ones specifically designed for down there care) near where you like to have sex so that it’s easy and convenient to start cleaning up afterward. Knowing that wipes are conveniently nearby can make it easier to have more spontaneous sex during your period and since they are disposable, you don’t have to worry about more laundry. These organic, biodegradable, and compostable intimacy wipes from Natracare are a great option.

Most of all, it’s important to remember that period sex is as normal as your period is! In fact, a survey by INTIMA, found that out of the 500 people ages 18-50 they talked to, 82% reported still having sex on their period. 

So honor your body and its needs, do whatever makes you feel comfortable, start exploring, and embrace your sexuality during every part of your cycle! 

Blog post by Briana Ryan

Briana is a Master’s of Human Rights student who fills her spare time with writing, reading, yoga, and family time (including, of course, lots of cuddles and playtime with her surprisingly spritely senior dog). In the past, Briana has put her skills to work volunteering with and working for Days for Girls International--an organization devoted to advancing menstrual equity. Although it has taken some time to unpack her own shame around menstruation, Briana now loves chatting about all things menstrual and reproductive health and jumps at any opportunity to get involved with organizations and businesses that empower menstruators.

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