August 2021 Lady Box: Innovative Period Care

August 2021 Lady Box: Innovative Period Care

What's inside the August Lady Box?

The August 2021 theme for Lady Box is period care innovation. So what does that mean and why are we focused on that for the box? There's more to cycle care than pads, tampons, non-organic chocolate, and ibuprofen. You deserve to know your options to help you have a happier period. 

There is so much good being done by fellow menstruators to help all menstruators have a happier period.

We can't fit all the amazing new products invented to help you have a happier period but we did include top notch items that help your period feel a little less "ugh".

We love how Semaine supplements not only help alleviate menstrual cramps but also can give a boost of energy, or how the Pulp Pantry chips are sustainably made AND tasty - same with the popped lily seeds from Bohana - a great popcorn alternative, or how the Gua Sha by Mount Lai was actually made by an AAPI business owner. The facial oil by Waterbody is not only great to use with the Gua Sha but delightful on its on. And if you love supporting startups and small businesses like we do, we are SO EXCITED for you to learn how to have a more positive relationship with your period via the "Be Period Positive" audiobook by Chella Quint - all August box subscribers will get a complimentary copy via the audiobook app, a great alternative to Amazon's Audible. Sip on some water with the Shed the Shame water bottle and munch on some double chocolate crunchy cookies from Enjoy Life while you listen to the book.

Check out all of the Lady Bits below.

The Essentials

The Snacks

Bohana popped water lily seeds are a wonderful alternative to popcorn. Pulp Pantry pulp chips are delicious with hummus or on its own. Enjoy Life double chocolate chip crunchy cookies are a sweet tooth and chocolate lover's dream treat!

The Comfort Items

All boxes: Audiobook via - "Be Period Positive" by Chella Quint.

Basic Needs Boxes: Semaine, a period supplement for happier perids and Shed the Shame water bottle, custom designed by Girl Gang Craft for our Shed the Shame campaign.

The Pampered AF & Just the Goodies Boxes

Wildflower facial oil from Waterbody and Black obsidian gua sha from Mount Lai.

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