August Lady Box

August Lady Box


Holy cow, how did we already get here? Just a little over a month of summer remains! And what a summer it has been. How many of you are parents readying yourselves and child(ren) for the new school year? Or how many of just have something new coming up and need a little kick to get your butt into gear? I hope this box brings you that kick you need. 

This month's Lady Box is all about setting and reaching goals! Have you ever noticed that some parts of the month you feel more productive than others? Or you have more energy at certain times of your cycle? Thank your hormones for that. Visit our Lady Times Blog to learn about the Luteal and Follicular phases of your menstrual cycle, and how to hack your cycle so you can achieve the goals you're setting. 

Check out the items going in the August box - you'll see that we're switching things up and becoming more brand agnostic. That's because we're curating products from brands that are inclusive and have a giving back component. For the rest of the year, proceeds from subscriptions and purchases, on will go towards Youth Care to help marginalized menstruators and to help youth homeless in the Seattle area - where Lady Box is headquartered. 


Starting September we will offer the Flex Menstrual Disc and Menstrual Cups for Pampered AF subscribers! Stay tuned for more details.

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    Happy menstruating!


    A. Lady

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