Be Your Own Hero

Be Your Own Hero

We received this touching message from a Lady Box subscriber who is on the front lines of the COVID-19 pandemic. Lindsey is a RN in the United States. She’s the mother of two and a wife, among many other wonderful titles. Her story brought tears to our eyes and we couldn’t help but share this. Read it below.


Original post from Lindsey:
Be Your Own Hero

I excitedly opened my Lady Box earlier this month, having absolutely no idea how the inspirational theme for March would become a prophetic mantra for my life, and also having no idea what the upcoming weeks would hold.

In the face of a global pandemic, with “shelter in place” and “stay home, stay healthy,” orders from our government, we have been forced to immediately and abruptly change our lives as we know it.

While many of us find ourselves thrown into working from home, homeschooling our children, and trying to balance our sanity (all while avoiding exposure to ANYONE in real life), we are all wading through uncharted waters.

The news bombards us each day with a new headline about the cornonavirus. We cancel our plans, cancel our appointments, and cancel our self care. We see some of our hopes, goals, and intentions fading away as we struggle to maintain our livelihoods and our sanity. And let me tell you…it all feels so darn heavy.

With the new shelter in place orders beginning to trickle across the country, and the stress of it all, I felt especially low as I “suited up,” for a long shift working in the hospital as an RN. The fear and uncertainty of being provided enough personal protective equipment plagues my mind as much as my anxiety over being a possible carrier of this horrible virus and unintentionally infecting my loved ones.

As I got ready for work today, a beautiful reminder from Lady Box reminded me “Be my own hero.” While I may have brushed this off as a little cliche earlier in the month, these words of empowerment and encouragement have pushed me through some very tough and challenging moments lately when I have had to dig deep to find what feels like to have superhuman internal strength.

I believe that in this crazy, uncertain time, we are all finding a need for hope. Reflecting on the social distancing mandates, continued spread of the cornonavirus, and closure of beloved businesses has all of our heads spinning.

As much as we are all together in all of this, there can be moments of feelings of extreme isolation. A simple delivery of a Lady Box period care package found a way to not only brighten my day, but bring encouragement to my entire being.

Thank you, Ladybox, for inspiring me to get out of my own headspace, even in the midst of a pandemic, and take a second look to find the superhero that lies within. ❤️

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