Top 17 Lady Bits from 2021

Top 17 Lady Bits from 2021

We curated over 100 items for all of the Lady Boxes this year and with your feedback, these are the top 17. Each bit of feedback on the items you receive in your Lady Box helps us find and curate products to help you have a happier and more empowered period. Check out your favorites and feel free to comment on items that aren’t listed but were your favorite.

1. Semaine Supplement
Semaine supplements are a trusted menstrual health staple. Their PMS & Period support capsules are packed full of 9 natural ingredients to help you have a happier, healthier, and more energized period naturally. These supplements are plant-based, 100% vegan, gluten free, soy free, caffeine free, sweetener free, and made with clinically studied ingredients that are proven to work with your natural cycle and help your body function better when you need it most. Check out the 12 pack of their PMS & Period support supplements in our shop!

2. Dr. Botanicals Sleeping Hydrating Mask

Your menstrual cycle impacts your whole body, including your skin. Show your face some love with this antioxidant rich and ultra hydrating overnight face mask from Dr. Botanicals

3. Lilas Pain Relief Patch

Cramps and period pains got you down? These pain relief patches from Lilas provide fast acting and long lasting relief that is all natural, plant based, and hypoallergenic. Simply apply a patch to wherever you’re feeling pain or muscular tension and continue on with your day pain free. Grab a pack from our shop now before this tried and true favorite flies off the shelves!

4. The Balm Standard Lip Balm

Don’t stop at hydrating your face! Give your lips some extra love with any one of The Balm Standard’s lucious and light lip balms. Can’t decide which flavor sounds best? Make a bundle with three of their most tempting flavors.


5. Sahara Rose Face Oil

Embrace your inner divine with Sahara Rose’s Devine Beauty Serum face oil and soothe your skin during your cycle. The nourishing blend of oils in this luxurious formula is great for calming your skin if you experience acne flare ups or skin irritation during your cycle.

6. The Good Rub Shower Steamers

Bring the spa to you with any one of The Good Rub’s deliciously fragrant shower steamers. Their eucalyptus + peppermint and citrus steamers are great for an energizing refresh during your cycle, or unwind and relax with their soothing lavender steamers instead. 

7. The Noble Brand Candle

The Noble Brand makes some of the most luxurious candles around and they make them all by hand with clean non-toxic ingredients to boot. Their new line of Goddess Candles (up for pre-order now!) make an especially great gift for yourself or a loved one and they have seasonal scents out now for fall and winter. Not sure where to begin? They even offer discovery sets and a scent quiz to help you find the perfect candle for you.

8. Facetory Sheet Masks 

Sometimes menstruation can wreak havoc on our skin. Soothe your skin during your period (or any time of the month) with luxurious feeling, but incredibly easy to use, sheet masks from FaceTory. Whatever your skin type or need, they have the mask for you! Can’t decide where to start or looking to gift someone a variety of fun options? Shop their array of collections, sets, and bundles that include several different masks. 

9. Rael Pain Relief Patch

Give the gift of ultimate winter comfort with Rael pain relief patches that provide deliciously cozy warmth during these chilly months while promoting blood flow and helping muscles relax for maximum relief from menstrual cramps. And the cherry on top? Rael pain relief patches are made with no harsh chemicals so your hormones and your skin stay happy. 

10. Veeda Pads and Liners

Sometimes practical gifts are the ones we all need (and want). Show your body some love with Veeda pads and liners. Veeda’s menstrual care products are made with 100% natural GMO-free cotton, are hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, and pesticide, chlorine, dye, fragrance and irritation free, making them ultra gentle on your body. Not to mention the fact that they offer leak free protection! Give the gift of comfort and peace of mind with Veeda pads and liners. 

11. Cora Tampons

Pads not your style? Try Cora Organic Cotton Tampons instead. These tampons are made with a 100% certified organic cotton core and come with a compact applicator. Plus bragging rights as “the most comfortable tampon–possibly ever.” There are enough uncomfortable things going on during your period, make sure your tampon isn’t one of them.

12. Hate Stainers Stain Remover Wipes 

Nothing puts the brakes on a great day like discovering a stain on something you love. Stains happen but they don’t have to stick around! Make sure no stain stays with the perfect on the go solution–Hate Stainers Stain Remover Wipes.

13. Endorfin Foods Chocolate Bar 

Indulge in a decadent chocolate from Endorfin Foods. Their chocolate bars come in a variety of unique and mouth-wateringly delicious flavors like Turkish Coffee, Ginger & Rose, and even Absinthe. Plus, all Endorfin Foods’ chocolate bars are organic and fair trade so you can feel good about what you’re gifting, or treating yourself to. Give in to those period cravings! Salty or sweet, Endorfin Foods has just the right chocolate for you. 

14. Moment Roiboos Blood Orange Botanical Water

We sent out four flavors that this woman-of-color owned company has, you really liked the Blood Orange flavor! We are aligned with you. Thanks to adaptogens, this tasty and centering drink is great to enjoy during the middle of your day if you need help focusing. Check their flavors and sparkling waters here.

15. Chocmo 5-piece Caramel Chocolates 

Chocmo’s 5-piece Caramel Chocolates are the perfect, completely cravable, combination of salty and sweet and they come in a variety of flavors. Support a small business by gifting a box of these masterfully crafted sweets, or buying a collection of them for yourself. After all, you totally deserve it. Try flavors like: Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels with Candied Ginger, Milk Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels with Bacon and Smoked Sea Salt, and Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels with Candied Orange, or keep it simple with their plain milk or dark chocolate sea salt caramels.  

16. Lesser Evil Foods Popcorn

Are you someone who craves salty over sweet? Snag a bag of Lesser Evil Foods Organic Popcorn with 9 different flavors, you’re sure to find something that hits the spot. In the mood for something classic? Try the Classic Cheddah or Himalayan Pink Salt. Feeling bold? Try Oh My Ghee! or Avocado-licious.  

17. XO Marshmallow Hot Cocoa
Nothing is more comforting during the chilly season than a warm drink, and nothing feels better on a particularly cramp-y period day either. Give the gift of coziness in a cup with XO Marshmallow Hot Cocoa! XO Marshmallow carries four different deliciously gourmet cocoas that feel incredibly indulgent without breaking the bank, making it the perfect treat yourself moment or gift for someone you love.

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