Female Founders Partner to Curate First Eco Period Subscription Box

Female Founders Partner to Curate First Eco Period Subscription Box



Lady Box, Inc. and Project Untaboo founders partner to establish first eco-focused period self-care subscription box 

February 1, 2021 - Seattle, WA - In December 2020, Lady Box launched a survey via Instagram Stories asking followers and subscribers the question, How important is sustainable packaging to you? 95% of respondents positively responded, highlighting a higher expectation in period care. In combination with Q2 2020 market stats that 21.1 million packages delivered daily with  the transportation sector accounted for 28% of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States,  CEO Aljolynn Sperber of Lady Box, and CEO Rachael Kim of Project Untaboo, partnered to curate and deliver the first eco-focused, organic period self-care subscription box. 

Having initially collaborated on an editorial piece for Lady Box’s Lady Times magazine that is delivered with each subscriber’s monthly box, Kim and Sperber formed the idea to officially partner on curating a period box that was organic-focused but truly looked at source ingredients, supply chain transparency, and supporting other BIPOC, womxn run businesses. 

“The original vision for Lady Box was to deliver self-care items, snacks, and organic period products that menstruators would actually enjoy receiving and use, as well as having the opportunity to give back to our community, as well as work with brands that do the same,” said Sperber. “The other element that we’ve wanted to incorporate into the box was sustainability. We greatly admire the work that Rachael and her team are doing to be a trusted resource and thought leader to bring awareness to period products from source to delivery—more sustainable and good for your body. It was a no-brainer to partner with Project Untaboo on an eco-period box.”

Project Untaboo assessed over 51 period care products across the categories of tampons, pads, liners, hygiene wipes, and select comfort/snack items. In addition to Lady Box’s requirements, the team used their own consumer-focused framework that takes into account allergens, supply chain transparency, and operational information available to develop their recommendations. Project Untaboo also advised Lady Box’s shift in their shipping and packaging practices to be more eco-focused.

“Project Untaboo’s mission has always been to boldly innovate new cycles for period equity. Originally we were in the early stages to design and manufacture our own travel eco period products to address the lack of product accessibility, however, COVID made us dig deep to address a greater problem—easy access to a trusted period platform for menstruators to discover and empower their period lifestyle. We leveraged our data and pre-manufacturing experience to democratize trusted information of period products from cradle to doorstep. Empowering consumers in the exponentially growing femtech space is why we exist. We want to partner with femtech market players, consumers, non-profits, and influencers to continue honing the personalized period care experience, innovation, as well as eco-awareness for a healthier, more equitable future. In our experience, Lady Box has been a strong, growth-minded partner that firmly believes in our approach—making this partnership seamless.”

To learn more about the partnership and pilot program, please email hello@joinladybox.com. 

About Lady Box, Inc.

Lady Box is a woman-of-color-owned organic self-care subscription box celebrating the cycles or people who have a uterus. Helping menstrual cycles go from UGH to YAAS with a monthly package, Lady Box shipped their period self-care box in February 2020. Their mission is to celebrate all of life’s cycles from first periods to menopause with subscription boxes or their upcoming one-time purchase kits, and help uterus-owners discover healthier alternatives to self-care during each cycle. A percentage of proceeds are donated to nonprofit organizations that deliver menstrual products to under-represented menstruators, such as Planned Parenthood, Youth Care, and the Period Movement. 

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About Project Untaboo

Project Untaboo is a team of BIPOC menstruators and allies coming together to build a platform to support menstruators to discover and empower their period lifestyle. Based in Seattle, its mission is to boldly innovate new cycles for period equity anchored by authenticity, community, inclusion, cultivation, empowerment, and eco-awareness. Set to launch their MVP period care platform Q2 2021, Project Untaboo currently provides business and strategy consulting, empowerment coaching, and market research services to help individuals and businesses take the next step to achieving their vision. By building partnerships with non-profits, it supports period products donations and education to the underserved.

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