Full Moon Tea

Full Moon Tea

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Sip on this

Full transparency here, this is a situation where I pulled the “get by with a little help from my friends” card. I have a lot to learn about the moon, crystals, etc., but I called up a couple of my friends who walk more on the woo-woo side (quoting my friend here, she called herself woo-woo) and got a short tutorial on making moon water to use for this beautiful beverage. You can absolutely use regular drinking water if that’s more your style, but I will say I was super excited when the photoshoot for this recipe aligned with a full moon, and I was able to put water on my windowsill with some crystals.

No long recipe this month, just a loving reminder to take some time out of your day to slow down and do something for yourself. Make a beautiful cup of tea and use it to accompany your favorite rituals. From gratitude journaling and setting intentions, meditation or prayer, reading, or enjoying a moment of silence, whatever speaks to your heart. I am holding space for you, Flo-Riders, and raising a cup of tea for a long-distance cheers.


The tea: I chose a caffeine-free herbal/fruit tea and was looking for something that would create a beautiful hue. This blend has apple, hibiscus, elderberry, rose hip, pomegranate, cornflowers, and blueberries. I’ve also heard a lot of wonderful things about Butterfly Pea Flower tea and the beautiful color.

Preparation: Prepare your water using your preferred method and steep your tea according to package directions. For a delightful, creamy experience, add a bit of canned coconut milk and whisk to combine.


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Disclaimer: As always, if you are trying new herbs or supplements, make sure it is a good fit for you, and consult a medical professional if you have questions.

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