How to Manifest the Year You Want

How to Manifest the Year You Want

By Madeline Pratt

Manifestation is all about taking our dreams and ideas, and bringing them into the physical reality. For me, this process begins with vision.

Vision is fundamentally different than simply coming up with an idea. Vision means stepping back and seeing clearly what that idea would look like if it was to truly unfold. It means seeing it so clearly in your mind's eye that when that idea comes true it feels like a touch like deja vu. Like perhaps you happened to have a hand in shaping your reality. Vision is setting your ideas into action.

Lots of people use vision as a force for manifestation. I think one of the most common examples is of athletes who use it as a way to see themselves successfully achieve a result or performance outcome in their intended sport. In my work and my companies, it's essential that prior to taking any big action I step back and see the vision of me and accomplishing it in entirety. But making manifestation a part of our regular life means that we have to make space for vision.

If you're looking for a few ways to add this to your daily life, here are three valuable action steps I can recommend:

  1. Set up a regular practice, or ritual, that you see as your vision based space. For me, this is my daily meditation practice, and also annually it is a 21 Day Vision Quest practice that involves journaling each day for at least 20 minutes about the future that I hope to cultivate. These are the spaces where I get ideas out of my unconscious and into my minds eye, and then eventually out on paper.
  2. Surround yourself with folks that are doers. All of us have great ideas, but few of us possess the ability to take them and act on them. One of the biggest motivating factors to enhance your manifestation abilities is surrounding ourselves with other people who action their ideas into life. This will surround you with the energy and motivation necessary for you to take your vision and turn it into reality.
  3. Create regular outlets and opportunities that call in inspiration and creativity. For me, this looks like regularly listening to podcasts and reading content that shares inspiring stories of other women entrepreneurs. Making this a part of my everyday life helps to drown out any doubt that might creep up when I'm in the process of dreaming big. It allows me to say: If she can do it, why not me? In conjunction to this, it's equally important that you create space in your life to play and provide an outlet for creative energy. I have found that the more space that I create in my life to let out my creative expression, the stronger my manifesting abilities have become.

If there was one last word of wisdom I would offer, it would be to start seeing yourself as someone who already is a manifestor. Owning this type of language empowers us to tap into our own divine and magical abilities rather than thinking they are out there to uncover. It may seem a little woo to begin with, but the more that you can see the powers you have, the more incredible the future you create will be.

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