July Lady Box - Summer is NOT Cancelled!

July Lady Box - Summer is NOT Cancelled!

Hello, Menstruator! How are you today? We are excited to share and show what we included in the July Lady Box, see below for details.

We have been switching things up at Lady Box - here's what we've been working on:

  • Honing in on who we work with: vendors, contractors, apps, platforms, etc.
  • Migrating from Cratejoy to Shopify and Bold for a better subscriber experience - we are almost done with this!
  • Getting setup on Amazon - close to finished with this.
  • Setting up a Rewards and Loyalty program - and an affiliate program. Stay tuned - coming September 2020.

With everything that has been happening in 2020 and especially the past 60 days, we are focusing on only working with brands that are: organic, cruelty-free, safe for the environment, support the Black Lives Matter movement and LGTBQIA communities, pro-choice, inclusive and accessible, and not just for gender, sexual orientation, or race but also for faiths, languages, and handicapable individuals, and supportive of removing taboos from menstruating, sexual and reproductive health. If we saw that a brand that we've worked with in the past wasn't being explicit in their support for the aforementioned, then we made switches.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff and we have been excited to do all this work because we really care about you, the menstruator, feeling like a MF gift because YOU ARE A TREASURE TO THIS WORLD.

With all of that said, let's get to the July 2020 Box Reveal, yeah? OK, so for July we wanted you to feel like summer is not cancelled just because we have limitations on the things we'd normally do for summer due to COVID-19. We thought about the heat and health when curating these products. We hope you've enjoyed them. Please remember that items are different and based on the box type you have; Pampered AF subscribers get more in their boxes. 


Wait, what?! No heat patches this box??? Yep, we received enough feedback from subscribers that you'd rather test out different products than receive heat patches in each box, so they're going to be an add-on from now on. Be sure to check your inbox for the "add-ons" email, for the August box.



We hope you enjoyed the box! Be sure to check your in box for the feedback survey - your input helps shape future boxes!

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