Ready to Start Tracking?

Ready to Start Tracking?

OK, Flo Rider, now that we've given you a baseline of how to start tracking your period, let's figure out the best method for you. Answer a few prompts below to help you identify the method of tracking that is best suited for YOU. Please note that these are suggestions. For a more comprehensive outlook on your menstrual health, please consult with your doctor to come up with a plan and the best way for you to track your health.

For the tech-savvy, app-lovers

Cycle tracking apps like Clue and Flo, are favored among cycle tracking app users. Have a young one under the age of 18 that wants to track their cycle but you don't want them to necessarily track fertility? Clue and Flow offer the options to remove the Fertility window, so your young menstruator is only tracking their period.

Which one is best for me?

What we love about Clue:

We haven't found a more gender and sexuality-inclusive app. It's great for all ages, and has a super easy interface. You can track moods, symptoms, flow, discharge, activities, and even how clear or unclear your skin is looking. DETAILED AF.

What we love about Flo:

Not only can you track your cycle, symptoms, etc. you can download and print a report for your doctor, although we've done in the past and our doctor has given us a puzzled look and asked us "Are you experiencing anything alarming during your cycles? No? Then I don't need that report." šŸ˜¬šŸ¤£ You can also join anonymous conversations with community members and get expert insights on what's going on with your cycle.


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