September Lady Box Reveal

September Lady Box Reveal

Welcome to the September Lady Box. 

Lady Box is all about removing the taboo from periods and highlighting them as a gift, so let's talk about a big one - period sex. What's the bloody problem with it? Nothing if you ask us. Period sex can still be pleasurable and there are ways to keep the fun times clean or less messy. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram, or subscribe to our blog, Lady Times to learn more about tips and tricks for enjoyable period sex and the products we highly recommend to help you feel like period sex is less...icky and just all around pleasurable as sex should be. 

For now, we hope you enjoy the goodies inside your Lady Box. Because we know not all relationships are hetero, so we made sure to include items that work for all kinds of consensual romantic relationships. Actually, these products are great if you're going solo. Get. Your. Freak. ON! Together or solo. 

Comfort Items:


Stay tuned for more details on how to enjoy period sex. Until then...

Love the body you're in & happy menstruating!

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