Tap Into Your Seasonal Superpowers

Tap Into Your Seasonal Superpowers

Did you know that your menstrual cycle has seasons and that each season has its own super power? Yep, it's true.

The next several pages will breakdown each season of a menstrual cycle and share tips on how to leverage the season's strengths to have a happier period.

We know that these tips won't resonate for all of you but they will be helpful for most. And when it comes to better understanding our bodies, we always recommend tracking via an app, notebook, or however you track what's going on with your body, regularly referencing your notes, and sharing with your health practitioner, if anything alarming arises. This is why we added the notebooks in this month's box, for subscribers that have a Classic Lady Box or higher.

Don't have a period? These tips can still be helpful for the pregnant/post-partum, peri-menopause/menopause, or those who don't have regular periods or a uterus anymore.

When we better understand our bodies, the more optimized our lives can be.

Winter: Menstruation (Days 1 to 6)

What's happening?

Think of the winter season as the beginning and end of your cycle.

As your body gets ready to shed the uterine lining, estrogen and progesterone goes to an all-time low. This may be the time of your cycle where energy is at its lowest. Now it the time to practice self-care to help recharge your period power for the next go-around. Plus, it's just good practice to have self-care as a key part of your period routine.

Towards the end of your winter phase, estrogen will start to replenish, which means you should have a bit more energy to enjoy your spring phase.


RELEASE & RESET: As your body literally releases and sheds uterine lining, this is the time to rest and allow your body to reset.

RECHARGE: Give your body the time and space it needs to refuel. Do not attempt to do all the things.

INTUITION: Google "Period Ideas". You're welcome for this extra bit of period power.

Spring: Follicular (Days 7 to 13)

What's happening?

Welcome to the follicular phase of your cycle; i.e. pre-ovulation. Your pituitary glands begin to release follicule-stimulating hormone (FSH) and estrogen levels are rising again, getting ready for ovulation. Energy is improving but there are still vulnerabilities. While it's a great time to be active and creative, still allow yourself the time and space you may need for retreat.

Remember to be gentle with yourself.

Towards the end of this season, testosterone increases getting your body ready for the supercharge of energy and libido. Ha cha cha!


PLAYFULNESS: Now that you've got a bit of a pep in your step, now's a great time to go on a nature walk or do something silly. You've got the energy for it.

MOTIVATION & MOMENTUM: Full-time job or in school? It's a great time to look ahead and calendar out your to-do list. You are an energetic, master planner in the Spring.

Summer: Ovulation (Days 14 to 27)

What's happening?

If you're feeling frisky and full of energy, then you're in your the summer phase of your cycle - OVULATION. Welcome!

Around day 12 of your cycle, the dominant follicle secretes a surge of estrogen, prompting a flood of luteinizing hormone (LH). This causes the dominant follicle to grow rapidly until around day 14, when the follicle finally ruptures and releases the egg!

Take advantage of the extra charisma you possess this season. It's a great time to negotiate, close some deals, participate in high impact activity, and whether you're single or connected - it's a great time to go on a date.


CREATE: Summer phase is primed for pleasure and creating. Savor the taste of a chocolate dipped strawberry or tackle that big project you started planning in your spring phase. Be fearless in your moments of creativity.

CONNECT: You're on top of your social game. Make those connections. Close those deals. Help out a loved one. Bonus for community service. Summer's a great time to do good.

Fall: Luteal (Days 20 to 28)
What's happening?

We have now entered what is commonly known as PMS (premenstrual syndrome), or what we prefer to call the Fall or Luteal phase of your cycle.

Towards the end of your summer season, your body started to produce progesterone, which is what is needed to shed the uterine lining and start the period.

The fall is when you not only experience change but you FEEL the change, due to the hormonal changes to release that period blood.

It's a great time to retreat and flow into your fall.


RETREAT: The fall is cycle is typically a time for menstruators to go to their quiet, happy place and claim the "me" time they need. It's OK to retreat.

RESTORE: This is the time to flow into what serves you and begin to edit out what doesn't. It's imperative to your well-being.

BOUNDARIES: As you retreat to restore your energy, it's important to clearly communicate your needs and "will not put up with". Clarity creates confidence.

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