Welcome to My Comma

Welcome to My Comma

Hello Period Community,

This is our first official blog post as our new brand: My Comma! Thank you to all who have been celebrating with us. My Comma is a community sourced name, which means it is a representation of Y-O-U. My Comma is gender inclusive and for first periods all the way through menopause. My Comma invites you to pause and take a moment for yourself. My Comma takes care of our people and planet. My Comma invites the “and” because we are not just one thing or element.  

My Comma is not the end of the conversation, it is the space between, the pause, and continuation because life doesn’t end with the period. 

As we wrap up Earth Month, we want to express gratitude for the hundreds of people who have subscribed to My Comma and for our community of like-minded menstruators and allies. We exist because of you, and we are so excited that you're on this journey with us.

While Earth Month celebrations are coming to a close, we want to take a moment to reflect on how we can continue the momentum of this incredible month—and how we can be better allies to the planet in the months and years ahead.

At My Comma, we believe that menstrual and gender equity are tied directly to how we care for our planet and each other. That's why we are committed to using carbon neutral shipping, curating products that are eco-focused and safe for your body, eco-friendly packaging, and more. When you subscribe to or purchase from My Comma, you give us the opportunity to donate proceeds to organizations dedicated to menstrual equity and women’s rights such as Happy Period, Period, and Global Fund for Women. 

By choosing My Comma over other mainstream brands, you're supporting a business that prioritizes quality of life for our people and planet.  

The world is changing rapidly. 

Join us in change,

Rachael & Aljolynn

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